We Prepare—You Perform

Did you know that March is National Athletic Training Month? Did you know that Clemson’s Campus Recreation offers athletic training services in Fike? Read on to find out all of the answers and more!

Before celebrating National Athletic Training Month, you must first understand the athletic training profession. Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to return their patients back to full activity as quickly as possible. Through prevention, diagnosis and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions, we are able to provide Clemson’s student body with orthopedic based healthcare that covers them from the gym and fields, to their residence halls and classrooms.

The Athletic Training Room in Fike provides the following services:

  • Clinical services for the evaluation and rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries
  • Walk-in services for evaluation, first aid, referrals and making appointments
  • On-field coverage for Club Sport’s practices and competitions
  • On-call support for Intramurals during open hours.

This year’s theme is We Prepare­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­–You Perform. This means that the athletic trainers focus on the preparation of the individual, which allows time for the student to focus only on performing and staying active. The athletic trainers do a lot of work behind the scenes, which allows the individual to perform at their very best.

Are you interested in how the staff at the Athletic Training Room could potentially help you? Here is Anastasia Homer’s story about how she overcame her injury with the help of athletic trainers.

AnastasiaAnastasia Homer, a PhD student and one of Clemson’s very own, injured her right hip two and a half years ago. She received treatments, pills and shots from several doctors. She began to give up hope that she would ever be able to walk comfortably or go hiking, which is one of her favorite things to do.

Anastasia was referred to Ryan, an athletic trainer who works for Campus Recreation. After just one session, he was positive that he could help her begin walking again and have her hiking comfortably.

Ryan worked with Lisa, a massage therapist at Fike, who also helped Anastasia work toward her recovery through an organized treatment plan. She began to see Lisa once a week and Ryan twice a week. Much of Anastasia’s success was due in part to the hard work and dedication of not only herself, but also Ryan and Lisa.

Although Anastasia’s hip may never fully return to normal, she is extremely happy with the progress she has made. Due to the athletic training and massage therapy programs at Clemson University, she is able to walk three miles every day and participate in group fitness classes at Fike. This experience has made Anastasia realize the simple joy of walking, and thanks to the Campus Recreation staff, she has her life back.

For more information about athletic training and what the athletic trainers at Fike can do for you, please visit http://www.clemson.edu/campus-life/campus-recreation/athletictraining/.


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