8 Reasons Why Every Clemson Student Should Participate in Intramural Sports

1. Because You Didn’t Make the Clemson Football Team


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Come out and enjoy various levels of competition on a nightly basis. You can re-live your high school glory days in our competitive leagues or take it more lightly in our recreational leagues.

2. So You Can Take a Break from Homework


Everyone can use some time away from the books to relieve stress and have fun playing a sport.

3. Because You Can Exercise Without Even Knowing It


Participating in our various programs and events is a great way to exercise and stay healthy.

4. Because You’re Bound to Make Friends


Over 5,000 Clemson students participate in Intramural Sports each year, so you are bound to make connections and get to know your fellow students better.

5. Because Working as a Sports Official is Awesome


Who knew you could get paid to be around sports each night? Even if you are not the next Ed Hochuli, our officials training clinics will prepare you for success and a year-long job.

6. To Expand your Wardrobe Collection


Winning the coveted Intramural Sports championship t-shirt is a big deal around here. Earn it, and display it proudly around campus.

7. Because Textbooks Took all Your Money


Fortunately, all participation in Intramural Sports is free!

8.  Everybody’s Doing It!


Intramural Sports at Clemson has been named in the top 2 spots of the annual Princeton Review ranking of “Schools Where Everyone Plays Intramurals” for 3 straight years and counting!

Special thanks to Chris Cox and Jamie McLean for contributing to this post.


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