How to Survive the Stress of Finals Week as Told by the Characters from Parks and Recreation

It’s that time of year, again, Clemson students… finals week.


Does just hearing the term “finals week” stress you out? Don’t let it! You’re a Clemson Tiger… you can do anything! Just follow these six, easy steps to stay as stress-free as possible during a crazy week of tests, papers, and lots more.

1. Get sleep!


It’s no secret that getting 7-8 hours of sleep will help boost your memory and grades.

 2. Avoid junk food!


Put the ramen down, and eat something healthy! Healthy food will help boost your brain power and make you feel better, overall.

 3. Take a break!


Taking breaks can help you clear your mind and relax so that you are recharged when it’s time to get back to the books.

 4. Exercise!


Exercising will both relax and energize you. Whether it’s attending a group fitness class or utilizing the workout facilities at Fike, you’ll feel much better afterwards. You know what they say- strong body, strong mind!

5. Avoid social media!


Unfortunately, there is no Facebook final exam. Put your smartphone down or download apps that will block those sites for you; do what you have to do to help stay focused while studying.

6. Stay positive!


Good luck from every one in Campus Recreation!

This blog was written by Joey Dunaway, Graduate Marketing Intern.


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